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As hard as it is to imagine right now, school starts in two weeks! 4-Way will once again be in residence at Woodford Paideia, assisting with 5th and 6th grade orchestra, this time for the whole school year. We'll begin our after school program in early September, and we can't wait! In the meantime, here's a video Kevin made with highlights from last year's program - hope you enjoy it!

More news coming soon about the program, new supporters, and upcoming concerts - stay tuned!


Nat Chaitkin
Peer Mentors

Our program is blessed to have wonderful teachers, who give their expertise, time and energy to our kids. These dedicated folks come to Woodford Paideia on Tuesday afternoons after a full day of teaching at other schools – we can’t thank them enough for their commitment.

One of our teachers is John Caliguri, the orchestra director at Walnut Hills High School, and recently, he brought some of his high school students to help out! Our kids were treated to an inspiring performance of Haydn’s “Lark” Quartet by kids only a few years older than they are, and then got to work on their own pieces, with the high school kids teaching alongside our faculty.

It was great to see our students get a taste of what they could be doing in a few years, as well as the excitement of the Walnut kids sharing what they love doing so well – kudos to all of them and John for their very high level of playing! Having these peer mentors are a wonderful and inspiring experience for our students (and the teachers!), and we’re especially excited that some of them have decided to come back regularly to help out!

We’re very grateful for all our wonderful teachers and volunteers - we couldn't do this without them! Please consider supporting their work with a donation to our education program – thank you!

Nat Chaitkin

Last week, we began our education program! After a quick snack, we started playing. Led by our amazing violin teacher, Trista Emmons, by the end of the afternoon we had the kids playing simple duets together, and had some pretty impressive bowholds to show off, too!


We ended the afternoon with some "body percussion", led by Woodford's awesome music teacher, Angela Carota - here's a snippet:


It was a great way to start the program, and the new year - I can't wait till next Tuesday!

A special thank you to all our donors - we couldn't do this without you! If you'd like to help support the program, please click the button below.

Thanks - more soon!


Nat Chaitkin
Debut Concert This Sunday!

We're excited to perform Ravel's Quartet in F Major and Beethoven Op. 18 No. 6 at the Taft Muesuem of Art this Sunday, March 13 at 2:30. The concert is free and open to the public. 

Kevin Boden