Each One Teach One

One of the joys of the 4-Way String Project is bringing people of different ages and backgrounds together through music. This year, for the first time, we have two volunteers to help us, and each one offers our kids guidance in their own unique, important way.

Madison and Shaylin.jpg

Meet Madison (left), a 7th grader who was in the program its first two years, and now comes back each Tuesday to help mentor her former Woodford classmates. Madi now attends Clark Montessori, one of Cincinnati’s premier high schools, but one which unfortunately doesn’t yet have a strings program. By volunteering with us, she gets to keep studying violin, shows her younger peers the value of commitment to their work, and stay connected with friends. And you can see the effect she has – Shaylin is so excited to have her back!

Mr. Choi (left) and Aleyah

Mr. Choi (left) and Aleyah

Edmund Choi is a lifelong violinist, playing in several local orchestras while holding down a day job, as a professor of molecular genetics (!) at the University of Cincinnati. I met Ed on my street (he’s my neighbor) after hearing him practicing in his sunroom. He’s quickly become a favorite of our students, and they look forward to working with him each week. As someone who learned to play the violin in San Francisco public schools, and has never stopped, he also shows our students how much joy a lifetime of music making can bring, the rewards of sticking with it, and that musicians can be very good at other things, too! I hope we can have him explain what he does at UC, and how playing the violin helped him get where he is.

Both Ed and Madi are wonderful additions to our teaching staff, and we’re very grateful for their willingness to help, and remind our kids that they can continue a life filled with music once they leave us.

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Nat Chaitkin