It Brings You Joy, Part 2

You may remember last year’s post, about my student Shaylin’s comment that the cello “brings you joy” - well, here’s proof. Meet Joy!


As you can see, Joy is excited about playing the cello - well, to be honest, she’s excited about a lot of things! Joy is not only an instrumentalist, but a singer as well. On Tuesdays, after a full day at Woodford that begins at 9:30, she comes to our program, and when it ends at 6, she goes to choir rehearsal at her church up the street. Now that’s dedication! Her excitement and enthusiasm are contagious, and she truly lives up to her name! Joy and our other students are busy working on their solos and ensemble pieces, along with lots of other musical and team-building activities. We’ll be posting more photos and videos in the weeks to come - stay tuned!

We rely on your support to provide the program free of charge to Joy and her classmates. Please consider a donation if you’re able to - thank you!

Nat Chaitkin